The Mani/Pedi Combo Pamper Box includes a mixture of both boxes.  You will receive TWO (2) sheets of Fingernail Wraps and TWO (2) sheets of Toenail Wraps along with:  Tool Kit (orange stick, nail brush, buffer, file, alcohol pads); a "spa" product (either for hand or feet); a lotion or cream; ONE (1) pair of comfy socks; ONE (1) piece of jewelry (bracelet or, necklace or, ring or, earrings); THREE (3) surprise gifts and a bag of French themed sweets.  This is an amazing self-care pamper box and will give you a month of nail glamour plus jewelry and surprises for less than one visit to a salon.  *Once order is placed, you will receive an email and have the ability to select the wraps you want.

Pick Your Mani/ Pedi Subscription Plan:  Monthly/Pedicure @ $37 per month or the 3-Month/Pedicure @ $36.50 per month, or 6-Month/Pedicure @ $36 per month, or the 12- Month/Pedicure @ $35.50 per month. 
We do not offer refunds on Subscription Boxes.